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We have the best driver Training in Denver Colorado

In addition to the minimum legal requirements, Avi's Denver Limo Incorporated requires our chauffeurs to undergo specific extra training. These courses involve evasive and defensive driving techniques, the proper methods to ensure safety in the most extreme conditions such as inclement weather, a flat tire at high speeds, or other exterior influences that may cause the loss of vehicular control. Avi Limo has our own courses as to what and how we expect our chauffeurs to perform. Our chauffeurs accelerate, decelerate and turn slowly. You will never feel unsafe or uncomfortable from bad driving habits. Avi's Denver Limo Incorporated teaches proper etiquette to use in the presence of our clientele. Avi's Denver Limo Incorporated trains for services to the client beyond the car itself, such as personal valet or bodyguard services. Avi's Denver Limo Incorporated requires random drug screening from all of our drivers. At Avi's Denver Limo Incorporated, we do not tolerate any trace of any controlled substance. We take your safety seriously.

Why choose Avi's Denver Limo Incorporated?

We are not a broker, We own our cars
Latley 7/1/16, there have been many out of town and in town limo broker companies popping up in the Denver market. These brokers are not licnced in Colorado and offer low prices. After you book the run, they shop for a limo for you. You never know who will show up or what type of vehicle or quality you are going to get.
We dont book runs too close to eachother
many companies book runs close together. That means that the limo may be late to your event.
We have emaculate maintained vehicls
Many small and large companies in the denver aria do not maintain thire fleet properly. At Avi's Denver Limo Incorporated, we maintain our limos on the inside , outside and under the hood.

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